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Power20 (378x71 - 6.5 KByte)

Commodore VIC-20 (419x54 - 2.2 KByte)


Apple Macintosh

Enjoy your favorite Commodore VIC-20 games on your Apple Macintosh!

Power20 is an emulator for the Commodore VIC-20. It allows you to run your favorite VIC-20 software on your Apple Macintosh (with PowerPC or intel-CPU) at full speed with smooth graphics and great sound.

Power20 emulates all important features of a real VIC-20 such as:

For maximal ease of use, Power20 features:

Note also that Power20:

Download Get your copy of Power20 4.9.5 in the Download-Area

Register Power20 online at http://order.kagi.com/?5G

Documentation Read the Power20 Documentation Online. The documentation is of course also included in the Power20 Download archives.

Power20 Screenshot A (512x350 - 37.9 KByte)

Power20 Screenshot B: (512x350 - 32.1 KByte)

Screenshots of many popular games running on Power20 are available here.
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